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Claire Randall, UK

I had been going directly to estate agents but ... decided to use Alistair to simplify the process....Within a short space of time he found my dream home. I have now used Alistair for 3 property purchases in the Var and in Cannes and would use him again in a heartbeat.

Catherine D, France

Accept my thanks for your fast response ! The list matched my search criteria. Very good service overall. Thank you again for your advice!

Jessica K., UK

​Your search presented a fantastic range of options which were exactly the sort of thing we were looking for. I really appreciate all your help in finding a property.

Thierry M., France

I have just consulted your shortlist of houses, which seem to me very interesting. Compared to the market in this region, your selection has been of great help.

 Andrew & Geraldine, UK

Buying property in Provence is not easy and without Alistair's help, we never would have found the house we wanted and completed the purchase on the terms that we did.

Nicholas Poynder, Shanghai, China 

"Alistair skilfully navigated us through the whole process of buying and renting out a house in the South of France.  From selecting properties for us to view, negotiating sale terms, dealing with notarisation and payment to finding a company to arrange holiday rentals, the service he provided us with was first class and excellent value for money. We would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone attempting the same thing."

Michael, Germany

The services provided by SmartFinder Home were as great as one can only imagine. Right at the beginning I was asked to give my ideal desired property in every detail. Then over time I received a "long list" of around 40 proposals to my key specifications. From that I selected the "short list" of the top 10 properties and the visits were planned with Mr. Alistair Phillips assisting in person to the visits on site. All appointments were well organized and competent agents of the sellers were available for queries of any kind. Having decided for one of those properties, SmartFinder Home actively supported the negotiations with the seller, working in my interest and an acceptable discount was negotiated and practical advice given on the purchase process. I was accompanied by Mr. Alistair Phillips personally to all meetings with the notaire and I was pleased to get again his advice in that process. Most appreciable was the after sales services, obtaining the right contacts to register for water, electricity, and Internet subscriptions. Highly recommended, in particular for a foreigner in France, who's knowledge of the local circumstances and language are minor.

Daniel Mannerie, Belgium

When I started to look for a second home in Provence, I quickly realized that it would be difficult, very difficult. I live in Belgium and Provence is located more than 1,000 kilometers. It is not possible to move several times and it is unthinkable "to buy a pig in a poke" ... The majority of advertisements shown by real estate agencies are not accurate and only show the good side of things. The reality is quite different! When you think you have found the right house, often the property that caught your attention is for sale with other agencies and is sometimes sold already. But more often it does not really correspond to what you want. I had sent out a a wish list,to a very large number of agencies and dozens of houses were sent to me and did not correspond at all to the idea that I had of my second home,. which was huge a waste of time. One day I received an email from someone intending to look for me locally, checking on the ground while defending my interests: it was from Alistair Phillips. Initially wary, I had never heard of "property hunters," I trusted him and now 2 months later, the offer on my second home in Provence is signed. I can only thank the chance that I had to be in contact with Smart Finder Home represented by Alistair Phillips. He understood my request, sought what I wanted, and found the house I just bought at the desired price, which is also very important.​If you do not believe me, just contact me and I will confirm what I just wrote today.

​Fiona Jones, Scotland

I can’t thank Alistair enough for helping me to find a house to buy in Provence! He calmly guided me through every stage of the process, but did so much more. I knew roughly what area I was looking at, and had some essential requirements in terms of size, location and amenities. Based on those, Alistair assembled a long list of properties, and pre-visited quite a few. In discussion with him, we whittled the list down to a short list of 8, and he arranged for me to see all 8 over a period of 2 days. He accompanied me to each property, helping with questions to the sellers and their agents, and pointing out features I would not have picked up on myself. The process from then on seemed at first somewhat daunting, but I need not have worried. Again, Alistair helped with each stage. I am now the delighted owner of a house in Provence, just as I had wished. Friends who did not use the services of a housefinder like Alistair when they bought in Provence were amazed at the speed and ease with which I found and acquired a house. Their comment was that it took them 4 years to do what I had done in the space of 4 months. Alistair’s expertise and assistance were vital to me, and it has been a great pleasure dealing with him.

Marnie US California 

"Alistair worked tirelessly to help me navigate the mysterious world of French residential real estate.  I was slightly nervous about buying a house as a newcomer to France but couldn't be happier now that I'm staring out my window at a sunny, peaceful view.  I really love my house!
Alistair translated what I wanted into where I've ended up.  Not only was he fluent in French and in the unusual process) but he dealt with everyone from sellers, agents, the notaire, my bank, insurance agents, and even potential resources for work I planned for after the purchase.  We explored many homes and neighborhoods in and around Lorgues (after a long discussion to be sure that was where I wanted to be) and I ended up 2 km from downtown but in a super peaceful, pastoral, country setting.  I would never have survived the bureaucratic (and emotional) process without Alistair's help. 
I have some friends who are contemplating a similar purchase and I've already introduced them to Alistair.  I wouldn't hesitate to do the same for anyone.  
Misleading advertising and a somewhat arcane system mean purchasing French real estate can leave foreign buyers at a big disadvantage.  Smartfinder is a very good solution for the problem."

Clement Lottier France - Paris, France

"Virginia, through her company SmartFinder Home, advised us on the purchase of a property in Nice.
Her talents as a property 'hunter' helped us to find a tailor-made offer that we wouldn't have found without her. She listened carefully to our wishes and our plans, and that's certainly what enabled her to be so efficient and relevant in her assistance with the purchase of our first flat in the centre of Nice.
In detail, we signed our agent's contract on 06 May and less than a week later Virginia was already coming back to us with an initial selection including the property we ended up buying. My wife and I are very grateful for this success, as finding this nugget means so much to us and our future.

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