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One Shot PROPERTY extract


Get a sample extract of 97% of all properties currently for sale on the coast of the French Riviera or inland

To facilitate your search, download a sample extract from 77000 properties currently for sale and advertised within the last 12 months:
  • The extract relies on advanced technology to gather property listings from ALL the major real estate websites and online marketplaces.
  • Each property listing is listed with essential details such as property type, size, number of bedrooms, price, description and a link towards photos.
  •  You can view, filter and organize the list of properties in your own spreadsheet to identify your favorites.
Why is this faster than checking property websites one by one ?
1 - You save time by avoid viewing duplicate properties across property websites
2- You select your favorites fast using advanced filters of your spreadsheet 
This is exactly what we do internally at SmartFinder Home after years of searches.
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