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BUYER Q&A Session      499 euros

300 euros

Need help finding your ideal property and you have many questions on the best areas, prices the risks and the buying process ?

With Smartfinder Home live Q&A session, get all your questions answered. 
You don't need to struggle alone, you can get all the knowledge and tips from us during our live Q&A session, along with the gift of an eBook only for attendees and covers:
  1. Check your house buying project and objectives
  2. Dos and dont’s when defining your project based on past buyer’s journeys
  3. Map with the best areas, reasons for their success and price ranges
  4. Tips for improving your property search on the Internet
  5. All the items to check during visits and before making an offer
  6. The right levers for your negotiation with real life examples
  7. Buyer process and protection from risks
How does the Q&A Session work:
  1. Fill the form below
  2. By email, schedule a time - can include evenings and Saturdays
  3. Highlight the focus - the  7 point agenda can be adapted to your priorities
  4. Prepare and plan - share your questions in advance, we will offer a solution
  5. Attend the 90 minute session - through ZOOM session or WhatsApp
  6. Consult your eBook - our condensed expertise and summary of Q&A session 
  7. Follow-up - if you missed anything get your answer in a follow-up call
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